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Plant-based Food


Lyriske tekster, modelfoto

i samarbejde med

Designer Tina Casmose



Designer Tina Casmose bad mig om at skrive tre digte og stå model til hendes kogebog "Plant-based Food by Tina Casmose", hvor hendes kærlighed til naturen manifisteres i sanselige madkreationer. Digtene er derfor inspireret af naturen, Moder Jord, menneskets og jordens cyklus og vores søgen efter at finde den indre ro og tilstedeværelse, som naturen har. Tinas tilgang til madlavning er ligeså kunstnerisk, legende og æstetisk gennemført som hendes tilgang til designudvikling. Derfor blev de tre digte akkompagneret af tre Food and Face fotos, hvor ingredienser fra opskrifterne blev brugt som rekvisitter.



The butteryellow korn blinds me with its bright light.

Hypnotising me with its graceful moves.


To the rhythm of the wind and a beat from the ground,

deep below the tracks made by man.

Deep down where there is a core

that no man can ever harvest.


Black Nails

My nails are black from digging after roots.

Digging after answers.

I find none, so instead I plant seeds

full of questions and good intentions.

Without knowing if they will bloom.

But even a cactus blooms.

Suddenly, unexpectedly.

The cactus itself has known this all along,

like a secret within.

It hasnʼt been impatient.

Only the people surrounding it have been wandering around, given up on it, put it aside in their mind.

Then quietly, bud by bud,

bright colours reveal their velvety contrasts

to the prickly green organism.

And people stop with puzzled eyebrows:

“Where did you come from little flower bud?”

And they hope the buds will last,

because it brings them hope and joy in their lives

in the moment passing by.


A New Fall

I watch the landscape

set itself on fire

Illuminated treetops

wooden matches that need no flame

I watch it burn out

with such elegance and ease

No resistance, no fear

It must perish

for a new spring

for a new fall

Itʼs the one thing I can be sure of.

Itʼs as certain as the sky above me.

It leaves me feeling calm and humble.

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